Rude paparazzi crashes BTS' private photo shoot in LA

An incident that occurred in Los Angeles is angering ARMY.A rude paparazzi happened to approach BTS after discovering their location during a private photo shoot in Los Angeles.
The uninvited individual approached BTS who were standing around in the street and asked if they would like to do a collab with YouTuber RiceGum. The BTS members seemed confused and he was quickly met by bodyguards.

The rude paparazzi ignored the bodyguards/crew warnings and said he would call the cops if "they touch him again" as the Korean crew members were saying, "tell him to put down the camera, turn it off". As the rude paparazzi stayed, the BigHit crew decided to pack their bags and moved to a different location with the idol stars.

Afterwards, he even took the time to record some ARMYs to describe their views on the startling scene. The rude paparazzi stated that this was a "fan meet and greet" but there appears to be no validity to such claims.
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